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A project developed during the 2020 lock down and posted on the Stay Safe Stay Sane platform.

This was the second project of our last year  in the BA Program. The pandemic and quarantine situation we were living was not easy on anyone, people were struggling and experiencing life in a complete new way.  My aim for this project was to investigate this new space we were inhabiting, our  current relationship to this new day-to-day environment and time, the concept of being fully present in the moment, even though it was not ideal.

Meditations, exercises to pay attention to the present  and podcasts regarding the subject were tackled to inspire the creative process, plus they were relevant in a personal spectrum (to deal with the moment). As a part of these activities noticing the environment and its details and dispositions became something natural. Our houses became all in one - restaurants, office, school, etc- and that made us see its layout in a different way. My idea for the development of these inspirational posters was to showcase and play with the blueprint of this space along with some surreal interpretation of objects and elements of our new reality- such as windows, doors, utensils, etc.

We were encouraged to post these outcomes on the Stay Safe Stay Sane platform, to inspire and disseminate words of support regarding the moment we were living. 

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