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This project was made in partnership with the Multidisciplinary design studio Bijari.

A live project with the multidisciplinary studio BijaRi. Such asked the 2nd year BA (Hons) students from EBAC to develop a neighborhood intervention, as an answer to a problem of their choice.

We believe that a neighborhood is formed not only by streets and buildings, but by stories and the people that create them. These, in our opinion, are the individuals who bring the neighborhood to life.

“Madalenos” was born from the desire to highlight these events, that even small are so important for the construction of the community. The nostalgia of two young women to bring back a bit of old times; where everyone knew the best places, the people and their stories. Narratives that in turn build the memory of this unique neighborhood.

We want to look for places that build stories and the stories that build places, bringing back the sense of community and closeness between people.

we are not just one thing                                                                                                              portfolio 2020                                                                                       based in São Paulo, BRA