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I am a Graphic Design graduate, however I consider myself an interdesciplinary designer, currently based in São Paulo, Brazil and working at a  medium sized Design Studio.

Nice to meet you, here is a litttle about me and some things and values I believe in. 

No moment is ordinary. Every minute,  every second, is a possibility. I intend to look at each project as a new opportunity. A different way of looking at design, a unique manner of interpretation, a moment to observe the world from a completely unique and fresh perspective. Being a recent Graphic Design graduate, I can say that, in my opinion, from these years of investigation in this area, this subject is no longer only thinking about typography, color palettes and grids. Instead it is about looking at our world as our main source of reference to discover how it can be our inspiration to develop it even further. I consider myself an interdisciplinary designer, a curious mind that engages with creative thinking, always attempting to speculate our surroundings and everyday. In my opinion we build ourselves from our own journeys, on which we start learning about who we are and who we want to become. With some brief experiences in Architecture and Fine Arts I attempt to look at Design with some aspects of these subjects, from presence and space to subjectivity. It is important to me to investigate the flexible borderline that exists within the design fields, to do so I observe and investigate our world, daily rituals and interactions, which are my main sources of inspiration.


A collection of work and images that I produce, they can be tests for other project or just things I made and ejoyed. Not necessarily with any brief .


If you are interested in working together or just for a random question, feel free to contact me.

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